Call to Action: Responses needed

Most of you know RG * NEW’s appeal on the DNS/SEPA Comp Plan update 2020 is Dec. 2nd at 9:00 via Zoom. We are encouraging everyone who supports this appeal to send an e-mail to Greg Snow letting him know that the DNS/SEPA does not adequately or scientifically address the environmental issues that would occur if 65% of the County was rezoned into different uses, including industrial.  
This rezone would create a “fragmentation” that would impact critical areas, animal habitats and water resources, plus more. We are saying that the County did not use the available science at its disposal to make the DNS/SEPA decision.   RG * NEW wants the Comp Plan to go back to drawing board and an EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) be completed. 
I’m attaching the DNS/SEPA documents.
Your comments can be e-mailed to There really is not enough time to mail them. Deadline for the County receiving comments is November 30 by 4:00 pm. 
This is what we have been fighting since information about the smelter was revealed back in 2017. Please share with friends and far and wide who would support the appeal. 
Thank you in advance for your support letter. 

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