October Message

Dear Pend Oreille County Democrats

Your Executive Board met on Sunday, September 26th for a two-hour meeting where we discussed where we are as a party, where we want to be, and how to get there.  What struck me the most was despite the length of the meeting, was their commitment to our community, and their enthusiastic, engaged, desire to make stuff happen.

Living in a very red county in a very red district feels threatening to many.  Our goals are to make all of us feel a little more comfortable by locating our constituents, establishing relationships and friendships, and providing opportunities to discuss what’s on your mind. One of the most common statements I hear when I meet a fellow Democrat/progressive/liberal is that they are afraid to talk, afraid to be identified as “not red”.  Not having to hold back is one my favorite benefits of participating in our meetings and socializing with the friends I have made at those meetings.  We want to give you a place where you feel safe to talk about those things you passionately believe, the problems you see and are having, and what you need from us.

Community is important, and we want to work on building ours. We started in 2021 by doing some outreach programs.  By reaching out to those who provide services to us all, we let them know we are here and that we appreciate what they do.  In October we are providing treats to teachers in all three school districts.  We have welcomed new businesses, offering our encouragement and thanks for believing in our communities.  We encourage volunteering with a nonprofit organization.  The more visible we are, the more we are seen as neighbors and not that (fill in negative word) Democrat, the harder it is to stay that (negative word) Democrat.  Naïve, perhaps a bit, but this has been my experience in the ten years I have lived her.

We are looking ahead to simplifying our meetings by using the Consent Agenda, a link to more information is included on the October 10th Agenda.  We are proposing we go to two full business meetings, with a third meeting that is more informational or social with less business each quarter.  Our idea is that third meeting will focus on items outside of business-as-usual.  It may include an informative speaker on current topics, discussion on impact of new legislation, or an action like a post card writing party or even a social event.

The Executive Team is working to make our organization more productive and efficient by having ideas for solutions and plans ready prior to a meeting.   When appropriate, we will provide information before a meeting, so you are better prepared to discuss the ideas under consideration.  If you have an idea for a discussion, a speaker, or agenda item, we want to know.  This is your party, too.

Your turn:  The first question I have for you is – what is the best way to get   our meeting documents to you?  Are you able to open the links or attachments we have been sending?  Is lack of internet making it impossible for you to see the meeting documents in advance of the meeting?  Let us know your issues and provide some solution ideas as to what it would take for you to receive information from us. And, while you are at it, how we an make it easier for you to attend meetings.

Best regards,

Kat Schutte, Chair

Pend Oreille County Democrats

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