Reflections from the Chair June 2022

Keeping your Balance

Sweet Creek Falls Picnic

As an older adult, keeping your balance usually implies being steady on your feet.  That is important for our physical well-being, but so is maintaining a balance in activities and commitments.  Some of us have yet to learn to say “no” when asked to take on another task.  For others saying “yes” to take on a task, join a group or attend a party brings on waves of anxiety.   A 30-something introvert shared she did something very brave, she said yes to an evening out with women she met at a networking event.  Adverse to uncomfortable social situations saying “no” was her preferred response.  But she took a chance, said yes and was glad she did.        

The conclusions? Find your balance, and remember people need people.  The past two plus years has underscored our baked-in need for social contact. Don’t believe me?  Check out the intriguing, decades long (began in 1938) Harvard Study of Adult Development.  One finding of their years of data collection from 724 men and their families: 

You can’t buy happiness, or get it from hours at the office, relationships are the key

As we age it can be more difficult to make new friendships.  Like my young friend, one can feel a bit out of our comfort zone when reaching out to a new neighbor or saying yes to an invitation.  Think of it as medicine without a prescription.  It’s good for our brain and good for our mental health. You might be surprised and make a new friend.   Consider reaching across the age divide, the millennials living next door might surprise you. To help all of us on our journey to health & happiness:

The Pend Oreille County Democrats invite you and your neighbors to our first face-to-face social since – well – what feels like 1938.  And since COVID remains to be a thing to consider, masks are optional, and we are invoking the honor system that attendees have been vaccinated.

  • Join us at 1 PM on June 5th at the Cusick Community Center. 107 1st Ave, Cusick, WA  Sign up here, to help us with planning
    • Bring your lunch and a smile
    • We will provide beverages and dessert   
    • Play an instrument?  Bring it along

We have the community room reserved, and while currently no reservations for the covered picnic area are being taken, if the weather is lovely, we are asking if available to arrive early to claim the space.  

Icing on the cake?  It turns out that relationships are important in maintaining mental and physical health as we age.

TWO more things:  1) a great start for our 100 Dues Paying Members by 8-1-2022 – we moved the needle from 20 to 38 since April 4th.  Thanks to all of you who have responded to date.  Been meaning to do so?  Pay your dues here or mail$30  to POCDemocrats PO Box 1838, Newport, WA 99156

2) We have an on-line auction ready to go – (Seahawks and Mariners and More, my-oh-my!) you can catch a sneak preview by following this link.  PLEASE share the link! And maybe like us on Facebook! We need to reach more people and you are key to that endeavor. (SPARX – SPort + ARt + eXtras)

I look forward to seeing you all! 


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