Reflections from the Chair – Sept ’22 It’s Fairly Simple

The 104th annual Pend Oreille County Fair was hot, sticky, a bit messy and awkward but overall, an absolutely wonderful experience.  Our water bottle refill station was a huge hit and greatly appreciated by fair goers and vendors.  The Igloo Coolers donated by Craig and Sheryl Shreve worked well – keeping water ice cold throughout the day.

The tone of our booth struck a chord with many, we focused on the wonders of our beautiful county, community, friends and family and assets such as good schools, hospitals.  County fairs are about community, tradition and fun.  We tried to provide all of that and more. 

Most kids – and adults – showed their appreciation of the candy and mini bubble makers, and those shut down by parents accepted their lot with dignity.  Several times we had to reassure parents that yes, anyone, Democrat or not, could enter the raffle, because the fair is about families and neighbors not politics. The recipients of our raffle drawings for the water soaker and two flags were ecstatic to win.  The daily “guess the number of candies” winners were equally thrilled with their wins.  I think the biggest winners were the POC Democrats.

Natasha Hill, her campaign manager, two charming children, and a possible future recruit for POC Democrats arrived on Friday evening.  Natasha was warmly received, spread good will around the vendors, watched part of Professor Bamboozle’s sleight of hand, and treated the kids to their first rodeo.

Mostly we were greeted well, as expected a few shunned us, pretending we were invisible and ignoring our greetings.  My wonderings while wearing a POC Democrat t-shirt and nametag were relatively uneventful.  Discussions with friends and acquaintances around the fairgrounds were mostly civil– sometimes after finding commonalities.  The surprise from a 4H Mom that I was a migrant from Seattle AND understood the importance of farmers was worth the effort. I explained we had a chicken coop and huge garden when I was a kid, my dad and brothers hunted, my husband was a farm kid, and we currently have acreage, a huge garden which we preserve and share, bale hay and raise calves.  So, yeah, I get the importance of farm families.  Poof – one more stereotype slapped down with kindness, listening, and finding that 3 degrees of separation.

Yup, it was more than “fair” – it was an awesome experience -just ask our volunteers!

Next up:
Sunday, September 11th General Meeting, 2 PM, Cusick Community Center – we will try for outside if weather allows.

WA State Election Calendar – Our guide to important dates

HOME | NatashaForCongress    Natasha is competing against CMR’s campaign war chest – filled with funds from corporate donors.  It is my understanding that Natasha is keeping it local, looking for donations from individuals whom she will actually represent.  I have been told she is low on funds and needs to charge for yard signs – $10-$20 each is requested.  I have a few left and donation envelopes as well.

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