Reflections from the Chair: What’s Your Temperature? August

Save the Date!  Sunday 8/14/2022, 2 PM, Meeting/Ice Cream Social on the River

           It may be summertime, but I can’t say the living is all that easy. Bob and I discuss the world at large while taking joy in where we are at:  The hay is in, we had a bumper pie cherry crop, the broccoli, peas and snow peas are harvested, and in the freezer, we eagerly await the first corn of the season.  And joy of joy, I had enough raspberries to make a good batch of raspberry jam.  Yup, it is hot outside, yup, politics are still painful to follow and think about, but I believe the Pend Oreille County Democrats can claim this year of rebuilding is going pretty darn well, thanks to a handful of stalwart volunteers and a plethora of actions. My hope runneth over.

           The state party provided us $1,000 in grant money to help us rebuild our county party. We spent some funding part 2 of postcard campaign. 600 postcards were mailed in the past few days to remind folks to vote and give them ways to contact us.  It seems to be working.  I’m excited to share an increase in individuals reach out to us and will share with the State Party Chair, Tina Podlodowski, I know she will be happy that we are making progress.

           We are inching our way up to our goal of 100 paid members!!! We began this year with 18, had 28 in May and at this moment there are 55!  Recently, we have had several community members, both new and established, reach out to see how they could help. That makes my heart sing. 

           Some of the grant money is earmarked for a social event with time to schmooze, enjoy appetizers and adult beverages, followed by a movie.  If anyone has suggestions to augment our sketched-out plans, please contact me, we’d love to have you on the planning committee! 

           Can you come out and play? Members (dues paying or not) are invited to a trifecta event – hosted at a riverfront home on Sunday August 14th.  It will include a VERY brief business meeting (we are way overdue) – with a sidebar for Fair Volunteers after the meeting – culminating in an ice cream social.  Specifics will follow, please save the date and time.  We will ask you to Répondez s’il vous plait, AKA RSVP, for planning purposes.

           Politics, like families, and life itself are messy.  But if something is important enough, we can find a way to make it work.  Please join us in helping push our county party to the alive and thriving position on the wellness thermometer.

You can make a difference:
 website link or  email:, Kat 509-671-4303

  1. Attend Meetings – 2nd Sunday of the Month, 2 PM –
  2. Volunteer at our fair booth – Aug 18- 21. use this link or Kat via email/phone/text
  3. Show your true-blue optimism in our efforts to rebuild our local party – signup & pay your $30 dues or ask for a sponsored membership – via ActBlue link on our website:  or snail mail: POC Democrats – PO Box 1838, Newport, WA 99156

 And please –

Drink lots of liquids, wear sunscreen and……….

Hope to see you at the fair!  Kat     

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