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Crossing the Usk Bridge

February Message from the Chair

Eyes Wide Open
I was elected to Chair of the Pend Oreille County Democrats with my eyes wide open.  It wasn’t that I had a fervent desire to be more involved or aspirations to be in an elected position. If I didn’t move up from Vice Chair to Chair, there would no longer be a Pend Oreille County Democratic organization, I wasn’t ready for to let that void occur.  So here I sit, in a position I never ever imagined I would hold, considering how to keep POC Democrats viable, and concerned about our neighbors, our organization, our county.

What I want for this county is not relevant.  What is relevant is what WE want, the collective we.  No, we won’t always agree, but I believe that every voice needs to be heard.  Speaking for our Executive Committee, we are hearing from too few voices and that means we have no way to measure how we are doing, what we need to do now and where we are going. 

Really, the old adage is correct, like it or not, democracy is a participatory sport.

I am slowly learning the finer points of posting on our website, and even managed to add a button so you can pay your dues via Act Blue (thanks to Marie & Carrie for setting up our Act Blue Account).   Marie has found someone who will help us improve and add content to our website, so please check back regularly.  If you are a Facebook subscriber, please like our page.  The more views the easier the site is to find and the more visibility we have.

Thanks for reading all the way to here.  Now, before you close your browser, please share your thoughts:  What can the local Democrats do to help you (and vice versa).  What do you see as the biggest challenges facing us?  What solutions can you think of to address those challenges?  What are your aspirations for our county/state/country?  How do we achieve them?  How are you engaged in change? Write a few words, nothing formal, help us create a roadmap for change.

With hope and well wishes,


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